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This is a call to action for you to step into your full potential as a divine superhuman. The intention for this journey is to provide tangible experiences for you to remember who you are & step into your power. With a tribe supporting you, you can break down your programming & start to heal your traumas so you can rediscover your wholeness. The Initiation is a 4 week group journey designed to cultivate the spiritual warrior within. You will have many opportunities to leap out of your comfort zone. It's time to remember who you are & step into your power so you can share your magic with the world.

Take The Journey To Reclaim Your Authentic Self

Immerse yourself in an extensive group journey to discover your true self! The Initiation is a month-long journey made up of 4 Thursdays + 1 Sunday. You must commit to showing up for the entire journey. Do NOT sign up for this journey unless you are ready to detach from anything inauthentic in your life in order to make way for your true purpose to blossom.

What's Included in the Initiation:

  • Lectures

  • Group Sharing

  • Meditation

  • Prompted Journaling

  • Breathwork

  • Group Activities

  • A Sweat Lodge Ceremony 

& many other rituals & healing practices

This transformative experience will set you up with the potential to feel your spiritual purpose, learn how to hold space for yourself, unlock your unique gifts, transmute stagnant energy, channel your power & express your authentic song. Imagine belonging to a tribe that is bonded over a bigger mission of serving the divine. You will have an opportunity to step up as a leader of the New World.

This process is a rite of passage along your unique hero’s journey. It’s an adventure of growth, discovery, learning through experience, moving past fears, & connecting with your tribe. This is your call to action. Like everything with life, what you put into this experience is what you will get out of it. We’re opening up the portal, it's up to you to jump through. We encourage you to show up fully for this initiation & claim your spot as a member of the AYAWAY Tribe. You are worthy.

Learn more at the next Orientation:

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