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The EXPANSION if for those who have been through THE INITIATION and are ready to take their journey to the next level. Following an initiation-style format, The EXPANSION will use activations, meditations, lectures, and experiences to allow tribe members to remember who they are and what is their sacred mission. The EXPANSION is a monthly gathering designed to help the tribe develop intimacy and connection, integrate spiritual lessons into their daily life, and create a New World together. 

Play the Game of Life - AYAWAY Style 

The expansion is an interactive “choose your own adventure” experience where you will be solving real-life issues & co-creating the new world with your tribe while you develop your spiritual gifts & advance on your soul’s journey

What's Included Each Month:

  • 1 Activation (spiritual upgrade or experiential learning)

  • Conscious Book Club

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Astrology Updates

  • Group Adventures

We will be bringing more awareness to the yearly medicine wheel, honoring elements associated with each season in order to embrace the flows of energy & celebrate nature together as a tribe. Themes for sweat lodge & other events will generally follow these themes so you will have insight into the details of the healing journey we are on as a collective.

Begin Your New World Adventure Today


  • The prerequisite for this experience is the Initiation

  • The purpose of this experience is to integrate your spiritual journey with all aspects of your life so you can achieve your highest potential while belonging to a conscious tribe

  • You will not be kicked out of the adventure if you miss a meeting 

  • Do NOT sign up for this journey unless you are ready to detach from anything inauthentic in your life in order to make way for your true purpose to blossom

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