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"In order to fully live life you must fully embrace death.  Plant medicine creates an opportunity to confront your deepest fears & learn to walk powerfully in the shadows.  Plants allow you to make friends with death."


Master Teacher Plants are sacred plants that have the potential to change your entire life with one experience. These plants bring clarity to our unique perspectives & how we relate to the world. It is not uncommon for one plant ceremony to teach us what decades of therapy & self-reflection could achieve. While every ceremony is a unique experience, typically they all allow opportunities to confront our unconscious shadows. At AYAWAY we offer healing ceremonies with a few different master teacher plants that are listed below. We provide a safe space for you to let your walls down & we serve as guides throughout your journey with the plant. The real healer is the spirit of the plant, so it's up to you to connect, be humble & open yourself up to receive healing. The more you surrender your ego, the deeper the healing experience & the more blessings you will receive.

Image by Valdemaras D.

Healing Specialties:

  • Balancing masculine / feminine

  • Heart opening

  • Releasing old trauma

  • Understanding relationships

  • Removing intimacy blocks

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a powerful plant orginally from India.  The Journey lasts 6-8 Hours typically.  Containing LSA, this medicine helps release the mind, connect deeper in the heart, and purge out old energies.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Image by Gregor Scheithauer

Healing Specialties:

  • Inner child connection

  • Receiving visions

  • Letting go of control

  • Unlocking spiritual gifts

  • Insights into tribal relations

Mshroom ceremonies vary greatly depending on how much medicine you take, your intentions, and the variety of mushroom.  The ceremony lasts 4-6 hours.  Mushrooms can take you to the darkest dimensions, or to angelic realms, and everywhere in between.  Helps people have a drastic change in perspective of life


Image by David Clode

Healing Specialties:

  • Releasing addiction, depression, &/or chronic illness

  • Brand new perspective on life

  • Clarity, deep insights & guidance on future & life purpose

Ayahusaca, otherwise known as Grandmother, is considered one of the wisest and most powerful plant teachers around.  Ayahuasca ceremonies are extremely powerful and life-changing.  We have a medicine man host ceremony on occasion.


Cost of Master Teacher Plant Ceremony


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