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Grow Up

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

I tried growing up, but it wasn’t fun.

They said, “act like a lady,” “Keep your mouth shut.” “Do what you’re told.” “Don’t ever think outside of the box.” “Get a good job.” “Be responsible.” “Dress appropriately.” “Save your money.” “Don’t use foul language.” “Be serious.”

Did you ever ask WHY?

Life is one big cosmic joke. It is the ultimate paradox. God is nothing but a trickster, Letting you play this silly game of dress-up & make-believe.

Does it make you feel better about yourself to have a degree, a big house, a good-looking partner, a fancy title & ambitious goals?

Do you think if you could just check one more thing off your to-do list THEN you might feel a little bliss?

What’s the point of your job? What’s the point of your relationship? What’s the point of your education? What’s the point of the dollar sign in your bank account? What’s the point of your resume? What’s the point of your existence?

There is no point that your little animal brain can comprehend. You are but a lowly ant in the grand scheme of it all. Yet here you are wasting all your energy trying to prove your worthiness. To whom?

You search for the point, strain for it, try to create it out of the nothingness… Until, completely exhausted, you give up. Surrender. Fall flat on your face. Accept defeat. Accept the pointlessness. Accept death.

. . .

And then you hear it: All of creation laughing at you. The birds are cackling. The rain is spattering. The squirrels are chuckling. The streams are bubbling. You hear a child giggling, And then you realize that giggling is coming from inside of you, It’s your inner child. The part of you that you have neglected for decades. Your innocence. Your wonder. Your purity. Your joy. Your true essence.

You wonder how this feeling is so foreign yet so familiar to you at the same time. You wonder how you ended up here in the first place. You wonder where you’ve been all these years. You had forgotten who you really are.

You strip off the clothes, the title, the stress, the baggage, that were all thrown onto you. All that’s left is you. Raw & real. You feel alive. Liberated. Ready to take on the world.

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