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Jackie's Ode to AYAWAY

This is the place I go and leave my shoes, my phone and sometimes my bra in the car.

I return to myself, I see friends, I see family bravely stepping into the unknown parts of themselves with honesty and humility.

Embracing God, each other, themselves, the darkness and the light.

Embracing love, nature, community.

This is the place I go to both remember and forget. To Embrace and Let Go.

A sweet sanctuary with a real live fairy called Willow running around beckoning you to remember your pure, child like innocence.

There is joy, there is laughter, there is grief and rage. There is playfulness, gentleness, space to breathe. Mosquitoes, dirt and sweat.

This is home.

And when I leave, I carry this place in my heart and spread it wherever I go.

And I am so grateful to return.

Thank you Kevin and Shay for creating such a special place 🙏🏼❤️

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