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The spiritual warrior grows up as a sensitive ancient soul thrown into a shattered, violent, unjust world. The warrior feels alone, as they sense a lot, but their experiences are never validated by others. The warrior has a big heart & wants to help the world, but all of the options the system offers lead to more destruction. The warrior seeks a better way.

The warrior embarks on a journey of reclaiming the spirit. They commit to putting God’s will above theirs. They train with discipline to uphold boundaries that keep them on their spiritual path. The warrior must have the courage to protect their energy & strengthen their connection to spirit. They learn what drains them & what sparks their fire of passion & inspiration. The fire melts the ice walls they’ve built over the traumatic years as protection & reignites their heart so they can begin to feel life again. The more they surrender to divine will, the more they realize that everything is love. At this point, they let go of the need for boundaries or protection. They let go of the fight. And then their real life begins.

The spiritual warrior of the AYAWAY Tribe recognizes the true meaning of being a warrior: having the courage to face their fears & witness the love in all. The spiritual warrior chooses to not be a victim to anything. They face the darkness of the world by putting the sword of blame down & embracing the monster they’ve created. They lead the new way with love.

They are honorable & just with all of their actions, as they fully recognize that anything they send out to the world comes back to them. They choose to be an active participant in life, an active member of the tribe, in service to the whole, guiding others along their path & humbly serving the divine. They have the courage to hold others to the same high standard of authentic divine expression. They are intimate & vulnerable in all relations as they recognize everyone as a reflection to reveal an aspect of their soul.

Once the warrior learns to stand in their power they will journey through a series of portals to offer opportunities to heal their unconsciousness. With patience, they will see that every trauma they endured held a key to their success. Their shadows become unique spiritual gifts, & they discover their authentic expression through being vulnerable with their tribe.

The AYAWAY Spiritual Warrior leaves the world of war to step into the dimension of love. They remember their immortality & unlimited potential as they pass through timelessness & boundlessness on their spiritual journeys. They accept that their mission as an AYAWAY Spiritual Warrior is to be a clear vessel for the divine to pour through & reveal the love in all. As they step up to the task, they are rewarded immediately & immensely. They recalibrate to their natural state of unconditional love, endless pleasure, & the stillness of peace. They arrive home to heaven on earth with their sacred tribe in celebration of the divine cosmic dance.

If this story moved you, we suggest checking out our Initiation journey to discover your authentic self. This is a call to action for you to step into your full potential as a divine superhuman. The intention for this journey is to provide tangible experiences for you to remember who you are & step into your power. With a tribe supporting you, you can break down your programming & start to heal your traumas so you can rediscover your wholeness.

The Initiation is a sacred ceremonial journey of alchemy, healing & manifestation based on tuning into many ancient & sacred traditions then aligning them to the present moment. This metaphysical tool is designed to keep you on track with your healing journey when you encounter unconsciousness, blockages, or stagnant energy. The ritual involves opening up a portal in multi-dimensional time & space to allow for divine creation by pulling energy from the cosmos into this physical reality.

This process is a Rite of Passage along your unique Hero’s Journey. It’s an adventure of growth, discovery, learning through experience, moving past fears, & connecting with your tribe. This is your call to action. Like everything with life, what you put into this experience is what you will get out of it. We’re opening up the portal, it's up to you to jump through. We encourage you to show up fully for this initiation & claim your spot as a member of the AYAWAY Tribe. You are worthy.

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