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Retreats are the best way to make a massive transformation in your life.  Our retreats typically consist of spending a minimum of 3 days at AYAWAY pressing into your deepest darkest feelings & emotions to allow them to transmute into spiritual gold.  We have different kinds of retreats we schedule throughout the year such as water fasting retreats, or plant medicine retreats, however we like to offer Tribe Members the ability to customize their own retreat for themself or a group of loved ones to experience together.  Keep an eye out on our Tribe Events for our next retreat, or read below about scheduling your own

Image by Aaron Burden

Ready To Ditch Your Unconscious Habits In Order To Deep Dive Into Your New Life?

Immerse yourself in an extensive retreat at AYAWAY

Our retreats are customizable to make your experience fit your spiritual needs.  Below is an example of what a 3-day retreat could look like

Sample Weekend Retreat:

1) Spirit Map                                         $150

2) Yoga                                                   $25

3) Guided Meditation                                $30

4) Spiritual Advising  (2 sessions)             $150

5) Sweat Lodge Ceremony                         $25

6) Tarot Card Reading                               $75

7) Master Plant Ceremony                        $200

8) Health Lecture                                      $50

9) Lodging                                             $300

10) Meals                                                $75

Total Value:                                          $1080  Weekend Retreat Cost:                            $750

All aspects of our retreats are optional so you can completely customize your unique retreat so it is catered to the exact healing you're looking for!

Let's Work Together

Contact us to get a quote on your customized weekend retreat 

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