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Tribe Leaders

ShaY Kaitiaki

Founder, Dreamer, Alchemist, Guardian of the Land

At a young age, Shay received visions of Ayaway & the importance of the sacred tribal unit.  Feeling like she was born into a world she didn't fit in, she set out to create a new world based on love, peace, intimacy & harmony with nature.  She maintains the frequency of the land based on her dreams & intuitions.  Shay is a Master Reiki practitioner with psychic abilities. She leads our Angelic Alchemy class & holds private sessions for tarot cards, reiki, & spiritual counseling.


Kevin Davine

Founder, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Guardian of the Truth 

Kevin has been on a spiritual quest for truth & self-discovery since his youth. With a background in Chiropractic, Kevin is a wealth of knowledge in regards to natural health & the healing journey. Kevin is gifted in reading energy so he uses his intuition to guide his healing practices & spiritual teachings. He often breaks tradition when spirit is calling him to lead the way. He is driven to create a new world of intimacy, honesty & sacred connection to the Divine. Kevin leads our plant ceremonies, sweat lodge & private sessions for relationship & spiritual advising. 

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