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Our Sacred Mission

We believe the modern society that most of us were raised in has left us traumatized & full of predictive programming that is designed to make us doubt our intuitive abilities. AYAWAY was created as a sanctuary for people to retreat from the old world in order to unplug, relax, face their fears & heal. Once given freedom & space, we offer sacred tools for people to uncover their unique spiritual gifts & feel empowered to live a purposeful life led by spirit. In our ideal world, people come together in conscious tribes that allow everyone to feel supported while they are serving the whole by doing what feels natural & fulfilling to them specifically. We are looking for other leaders who are ready to take the leap from their habitual ways to start living a more conscious, sacred life in harmony with nature.



We believe in doing our best to honor life in all of natures creatures.  We strive to be nurturers and protectors of Mother Nature


Healing is about remembering who we are.  Health, prosperity, and joy are all a byproduct of returning to the source and remembering our oneness. In order to find our light, we must dive into our shadows so we can realize its all Great Spirit


We strive to live a life where we are in the present moment, living in our hearts. We surrender to the flow of energy, and do our best to let our highest self guide our life.  


We grow and heal as a tribe.  Relationships push us to see our shadows and also find our own unique gifts.  Our tribe is centered around growing spiritually so we can help create Heaven on Earth


Our vision is to sustain the land we were given guardianship over by adding plants & nutrients to the soil & by respecting all creatures that live on or are passing through our land. We dream of expanding the property by purchasing more acreage behind our space so we can serve more people in the spiritual community. We envision having ample dwellings set up for people to stay comfortably in the woods while they unplug from their daily lives to get a fresh perspective. We are working on growing enough food to sustain our whole tribe one day. 


Image by Valdemaras D.

Our Goals

By 2025 We Envision The Following:

  • Building a community kitchen

  • Building a gazebo / maloca to have a sacred space for ceremonies

  • Growing enough food to sustain 20 people

  • Purchasing 10 more acres of land that is attached to our current 5 acres

  • Building 3 dwellings for people to live in / stay in for retreats

  • Hiring 5+ healers for regular classes / offerings at the sanctuary

  • Purchasing land in Central or South America to preserve part of the Rainforest

  • Having an off-grid electric supply set up

  • Having enough resources to support someone's healing journey if they are limited financially


Our vision is only made possible by people like you supporting us!

Kevin & Shay in Chickees.jpg

Kevin & Shay both separately had visions of creating a healing community before they met in 2017. When they got together in 2019 they made it their mission to find a property & create a sanctuary that could serve the world through healing. They bought the 5-acre property for the healing sanctuary in 2021 & made it their life's work to create a magical place for transformation & healing. They are obsessed with nature & are working diligently to transform their land into a vibrant fertile rainforest. They currently live at Ayaway full time with their daughter & 3 dogs. They enjoy spending their time holding space for others during ceremonies & witnessing people reclaim their divinity.

About The Founders

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