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AYAWAY is a registered non-profit sacntuary where people worldwide can stay, let their life break down, & rebuild themself authentically from their spirit.  We count on your donations to help serve this community & provide healing to those in need.  Read below to see where your contributions will go.


Your Donations Go Towards:

  • Healing services for those in need:

    • Life-changing weekend retreats​

    • One-on-one spiritual advising

    • Transformational empowering events

  • Paying off the land loan

  • Materials & food for healing events

  • Plants (bamboo for building & food)

  • Compensation for healers, guides & teachers

  • Construction projects:

    • Maloca healing structure

    • Outdoor kitchen​

    • Bathroom sin


  • Building a community kitchen

  • Building a "Maloca" to have a sacred space for ceremonies

  • Growing enough food to sustain 20 people

  • Purchasing 10 more acres of land that is attached to our current 5 acres

  • Building 3 dwellings for people to live in / stay in for retreats

  • Hiring 5+ healers for regular classes / offerings at the sanctuary

  • Having an off-grid electric supply set up


Our vision is only made possible by people like you supporting us!

Image by Katt Yukawa

Other Ways to Help

Make a donation

Donate on Venmo @ayawayhealing

Every amount helps! 

Volunteer at our property

If money is an issue, we can trade healing services for volunteer hours. We always need help with gardening, building, event planning & food prep. Email us for opportunities to volunteer today.

Share our events

Getting the word out there helps us a ton! Share our event info with your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone you feel might be interested!

Buy a gift for the sanctuary

We have an amazon wishlist of several items that can help us serve others. By you purchasing one of those items, you are helping to expand our support.

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Thank You to Our Major Donors

Richard Paduda

Gary & Denise Davine
Karen & Charlie 

Kenneth Harrison

Jessamyn Rainbow

Dasha & Eugene Dotsenko

Lee Martinez

Shandra Backens

Stephanie Peterson

Kaylee Peiffer

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