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Welcome To The Tribe

Welcome to AYAWAY, a sanctuary where you can let down your walls, acknowledge everything inauthentic in your life so it can break down, & purposefully rebuild yourself into what makes your heart sing.  Our tribe is a mixture of soul family on the path of healing & transformation, local people in the community looking for spiritual counseling, & people around the world who want to come experience a new way of living.  Please seek more into our vision, meet our tribe leaders, or explore some testimonials from the tribe to get a better feel of who we are & what we're about.  

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  • Come to the land with the intention of healing to discover your authentic divine self

  • We do not allow the abuse, murder, or consumption of any animals on our property. All food & products must be vegan (no meats, fish, dairy, eggs, leather, etc.) 

  • Alcohol and synthetic drugs are not allowed on the property, but we allow plant medicines in a healing environment 

  • No use of harsh chemicals, toxic cleaning supplies or anything that harms the environment

  • Minimize your waste by composting, recycling, and reusing what you can

Image by Tim Swaan

Our Vision

We see a new world being formed that is based on intimate community, compassion, peace & consciousness.  At AYAWAY, we are creating a model for Heaven on Earth.  In order for us to create this, it requires all of us to heal our old wounds & to fully embody our spirits.  We provide a safe sanctuary for people to learn & feel supported enough to take the leap of faith to start living according to their own spiritual truth.

Image by Antonino Visalli


Read to learn more about the experiences people in our tribe have had on their spiritual journey.  From physical healings to emotional releases to answering the call of their spirit, everyone has a unique adventure at AYAWAY.

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