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Healing is the heart of what we do at AYAWAY.  Our divine mission is to usher in heaven on earth, however in order to do that we must heal old wounds so that we can remember our wholeness.  It is a long road of loving our darkest shadows & releasing all false perceptions of what we think we are until we can rest in the realization that we are everything.  At AYAWAY we feel the benefits of healing solo as well as within the tribe.  Plant medicines are used as allies to show us our deepest fears & any challenges we've been avoiding. Look below to learn more about the different healing solutions we offer.

Image by Thomas Bonometti


We gather as a tribe to access a deeper layer of healing since we are able to see our unconscious patterns & shadows more easily when they are reflected to us through another. When we have a common intention we can work together as one unit to amplify the healing potential. The feeling of being surround by tribe members while healing allows us to feel supported & seen for who we really are.  As we heal together, our unique individual gifts are revealed & there is potential for connection. Come meet your tribe at one of our events.

PRivate Sessions

You are your own healer. But the good news is: you no longer have to endure the healing journey alone. Sometimes it's nice to feel supported or have someone hold space for you while you take an introspective look into your individual gifts & shadows. Our 1-on-1 sessions are designed to provide a safe space for you to be vulnerable, open, & honest so you can take a hard look at what is holding you back from living an authentic life. Search through these if you are ready to navigate through your unconscious, release trauma, & reclaim aspects of your spirit that have been neglected.  We have many different varieties of sessions, so find one that suits you best or try them all.

Image by Ingo Stiller
Image by Sandro Antonietti


Do you feel like a sensitive, ancient soul who was thrown into a violent, unjust world? You may be a spiritual warrior.

Initiation is a month-long group healing journey designed to initiate spiritual warriors into being powerful leaders for the New World. The spiritual warrior of the AYAWAY Tribe recognizes the true meaning of being a warrior: having the courage to face their fears & witness the love in all. The spiritual warrior chooses to not be a victim to anything. They face the darkness of the world by putting the sword of blame down & embracing the monster of illusion they’ve created. They lead the new way of life with love.

Step into your divine potential by showing up for the Initiation.

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