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AYAWAY Corp. is a registered 508c1a non-profit Spiritual Ministry dba AYAWAY Healing Sanctuary.  The following includes our manifesto & statement of beliefs:

A new world is emerging which has the potential to be heaven on earth. In order to experience this paradise we as a collective need to heal our shadows & transmute our energy to higher frequencies so that we can fully embody our spirit & authentically express ourselves. People need time, space, & support in order to feel safe enough to allow their old identities to break down & to develop an ever-deepening trust in the divine. Ayaway was built on 5-acres of wilderness to provide a safe space for people to get away from their day-to-day responsibilities & distractions in order to be free to commune with the divine in nature. This is why we call it a sanctuary. Our spiritual guides & healers facilitate the transition for people to release their old life & step into their individual power. The community we are creating at Ayaway encourages people to boldly embody their authentic selves.


We are looking for people who are ready to face their darkest demons & do the work to heal their traumas at the roots. We offer a variety of different healing ceremonies & rituals that are based on letting go of anything that is no longer serving you. We are calling in people who are ready to ditch their excuses & commit 100% to their unique healing journey in order to live their most authentic life. Each person must be ready to do whatever is required of them to break out of the matrix, & they must accept full responsibility for their own healing journey. We do not hold hands, coddle or feed anyone’s ego at Ayaway. We use tough love & boundaries to maintain a frequency here & hold people accountable for their actions. 


This is an intensive path of healing, not for the faint of heart. We are forging spiritual warriors & conscious leaders. If you are comfortable playing small in your life, then this is not the place for you. We will not bullshit you, we will bully you out of love to push you to your limits to help you grow. We are not responsible for your growth or healing, we just provide the tools and space for you to empower yourself to heal. 

​Download our pdf Manifesto to take a deeper look at our beliefs, purpose & bylaws:

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