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"I’ve always been in search of a place where I felt free and comfortable to be myself. I finally found it at AYAWAY. Since I started going to their events my life has changed for the better. I am now in control of the life that I create. The energy that you will receive from Shay and Kevin is pure love. I just finished the month long initiation and it was amazing. If you are in search of deep healing, attend their events. They will provide you with a safe space to bring light into the darkness."     - Lee Martinez

"Kevin and Shay of Ayaway not only bring such a healing energy to this beautiful space.. they provide warmth, empathy, understanding, and wisdom and more than anything, deep passion to their purpose. You can tell they truly care about each individual.
Their sweat lodge was an experience that left an imprint on me; one of love and deep healing. They are genuine people that have not only done the hard work of healing, but are living out their truth of helping others to do the same. They understand the work, trust, and guidance it takes to get to the other side. I will highly recommend Ayaway until the end of my days!"
- Jenna Pearson

"Through my integration after attending AYAWAY's sweat lodge I was able to notice a biofeedback loop I was running in my subconscious that was depleting my energy. Once I tapped in I freed up the energy and have been using it creatively ever since. Highly recommend their sweat lodge. What a beautiful family! Thank you"      - Sheena Q. 

"This is the place I go and leave my shoes, my phone and sometimes my bra in the car.
I return to myself, I see friends, I see family bravely stepping into the unknown parts of themselves with honesty and humility.
Embracing God, each other, themselves, the darkness and the light.
Embracing love, nature, community.

This is the place I go to both remember and forget. To Embrace and Let Go.
A sweet sanctuary with a real live fairy called Willow running around beckoning you to remember your pure, child like innocence.
There is joy, there is laughter, there is grief and rage. There is playfulness, gentleness, space to breathe. Mosquitoes, dirt and sweat.

This is home.
And when I leave, I carry this place in my heart and spread it wherever I go.
And I am so grateful to return.

Thank you Kevin and Shay for creating such a special place. 🙏🏼❤️"
- Jackie O'Neil

"I have attended several events at this amazing space. The sweat lodge was amazing and a great reminder that we are capable of so much more than we sometimes believe. But one of the most enlightening experiences I had here was an angelic alchemy event where I was able to cut some cords that were holding me back in my spiritual journey but also in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend you visit this sanctuary soon."      - Jaime Longoria 

"Beautiful release and touching ceremony we attended at Ayaway. Have you always wanted to experience a Sweat Lodge Ceremony? Now is your chance!!!

We arrived and were greeted with love, hugs, smiles, and gentle auras. Settled in and quickly realized they were softly playing Dragonfly Lullaby (one of my faves ) in the background. They explained the chain of events perfectly from start to finish. The rhythms and guided meditations came from their heart and souls. I felt the connection. We found our tribe

It was like a spiritual sauna. I feel like a brand new person. My skin feels so soft and so clean. Like I was purified/cleansed inside and out. A rebirth. Aho"      - Churee Wilson 

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