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A New Way of Life




Come back to your roots & start living your soul's purpose!

AYAWAY is a non-profit spiritual center based on reuniting with nature & the divine. We guide people to remember their unique authentic expression & embody their soul’s truth.

Ready to Step Into Your Power?

Take a Journey To Reclaim Your Spirit

Are you ready to deep dive into yourself & heal your darkest wounds?  The Initiation is an intensive group weekend retreat where you shed light on your unconscious habits & alchemize them to remember your spiritual mission & reclaim your power.  Invest in yourself today. You are worthy!



We believe in always doing our best to honor life & all of nature's creatures.  We strive to be nurturers & protectors of Mother Nature instead of unconscious consumers. On our land we do not allow the consumption of any animal products including meat, dairy, eggs, fish, leather, etc. 


Healing is a process of consciously seeing through the illusions of this 3-D world in order to remember our divinity. Health, prosperity, & joy are all byproducts of reconnecting to the source. In order to rediscover our light, we must dive into the depths of our shadows so we can accept all parts & come back to oneness.


We strive to live a life where we are in the present moment feeling gratitude for all that we are experiencing. We choose to follow the path that is led by our intuition & heart instead of our mind. We tune into spirit, surrender to the flow of energy & do our best to face our fears so our actions align with our highest self. 


The human species thrives when we come together in communities to support, nurture, protect & honor each other. At AYAWAY, we grow & heal together as a tribe.  Relationships are great teachers that push us to see our shadows & also learn to love our own unique gifts.  Our tribe is centered around growing spiritually so we can help create Heaven on Earth.

Welcome to the Sanctuary

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